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Ken Ham Is Here to Take Names and Kick Ass

The atheist and pro-evolution blogospheres are currently abuzz about the now infamous ‘Creozerg’, during which PZ Meyers and over 300 students from the Secular Student Alliance descended upon the Creation Museum. (Which, I feel obligated to point out, has a really lovely website. Seriously, that background image is fantastic.) Anybody who’s even remotely familiar Ken Ham’s monstrosity will already know what Meyers and co. discovered there – a monument to Christian fundamentalism that has nothing to do with scientific evidence and everything to do with anti-scientific dogma. For an example of what I’m talking about, see here, here and, most amusingly of all, here. I trust that the dioramas of dinosaurs and humans living side-by-side require no added commentary.

So, the trip itself wasn’t particularly illuminating (although I’m sure it was hugely enjoyable for those involved), but the fallout is already priceless. Ken Ham is understandably outraged that anybody would point out how incredibly stupid his museum is, and he’s taking his ire out on PZ Meyers. The first volley came after PZ correctly pointed out that their method of supposed repopulation after the Noachian Flood is batshit crazy, while the second has to do with PZ’s accusation that the museum peddles a racist ideology in teaching the Hamite theory of racial origin.

Now, Creationists tend to be truly hilarious when they get angry, and Ken Ham is no exception. In this blog post he constantly implies that the University of Morris Minnesota should fire PZ for, and I’m assuming he’s being completely serious here, being a shoddy researcher. Er, right. The rest of the post is an astonishingly weak attack on evolution and atheism, exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from somebody who runs Answers in Genesis. But the following two paragraphs go beyond mere ineptness and descend into accidental humor:

I publicly challenge this professor to document with photographs and actual scripts that the Creation Museum teaches “that black people in particular were the cursed offspring of Ham”!! Not only do we not teach such an absurd idea (that sadly has been used by some to promote racism and prejudice against dark skinned people), we teach against it. In our book Darwin’s Plantation, I particularly deal with this issue, pointing out that dark skinned people (“black” people) are certainly not “the cursed offspring of Ham.”

Well, it’s good to know that Ham is able to think sensibly on race issues, even if he is completely, irredeemably wrong about virtually everything else he talks about.

Oh, hang on…

In fact, it is only one of Ham’s sons who was cursed (and not Ham himself)—the younger son Canaan—who gave rise to the Canaanites and people of Sodom and Gomorrah—judged for their sexual immorality. And this “curse” of Canaan has absolutely nothing to do with skin shade! We do not teach that “all races stemmed from the children of Noah”—as we explain, there is only one race biologically of human beings (as we are all descendants of two people, Adam and Eve)—different people groups, but not different “races.”

I love that first line. “A-ha, got you! Only one of Ham’s sons was cursed! You’re going down now, you atheist scum.” And what the hell is a ‘people group’?

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