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An Exaltation of Inverted Commas

The thing that annoys me the most about the religious right is there tendency to slip punctuational prejudice into any article involving gay marriage. (Actually, that’s not true – everything about them annoys me.) I’m sure you’re all familiar with reading articles covering the debate on gay ‘marriage’, or ‘gay rights’, or even ‘gay’ ‘rights’ if the author is feeling particularly attached to the right-hand side of his or her keyboard.

Well, I’ve come across a new one. Apparently homosexual men and women can not only not have real ‘marriages’, ‘husbands’ or ‘wives’, they also can’t have real ‘partners’:

Our readers may be interested in a photo The RECORD uncovered several weeks ago, but decided not to run because it lacked the proper context. The photo, shown above, has since taken on added importance because of recent local and national developments.

The photo shows a smiling trio comprised of Congressman Barney Frank, his ‘partner,’ a resident of Ogunquit, and yes, Barak Obama. The photo was taken in connection with an invitation by Obama for Frank and his ‘partner’ to visit the White House for a screening of the movie “Milk.” The movie “Milk” is based on  the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual elected official in California.

The RECORD has learned that Barney Frank and his much younger ‘partner’ have met Obama on at least two prior occasions, once at the Inauguration, and a second time during a retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia for Democrat lawmakers. (Source – the photograph they mention is on that page, and depicts the truly horrifying sight of the President posing with a pair of gay men.)

I’d love to know just what term the ‘pro-family’ (yes, I can do it too) brigade would prefer. ‘Fellow Sodomite’? ‘Casual acquaintance’? ‘Boyfriend’? (Actually, they’d probably dislike that even more…) I mean, by what criteria are these two not partners?

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