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Ben Stein is a Martyr Now?

You may have heard that Ben Stein, he of Expelled infamy, was recently fired from his columnist job at the New York Times for sponsoring a rather shady credit rating company.

Sorry, I meant to say that he was fired from the New York Times for daring to criticize the global Darwinist conspiracy:

Ben Stein probably thought he could do his work on the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and not himself endure the kind of personal attacks that, in the film, he defended Darwin critics against. In fact, what he found was that Darwinism is at the root of the worldview of the materialist Left and even the materialist Right. You can’t say or do anything to offend them. You can’t even advocate academic freedom.

The people who demanded free speech in the 60s and shouted down figures of authority are now the tenured faculty and newsroom editors of the Establishment. And now they are disallowing any criticism at all.

This is absolutely insane, assuming it’s actually serious. Who exactly does Chapman think is the one who made the call to axe Stein? Is there some cabal of evolutionary biology professors somewhere, or did Richard Dawkins himself storm the NYT offices to demand that Stein be fired? Hell, given the feverish imagination at work here, maybe we should assume it was a newly resurrected Darwin. Chapman refers to Stein’s actual reason for dismissal only long enough to call it ‘a joke and an insult’, and that’s it – there’s no evidence here, just delusional nonsense.

So about what you’d expect from the Discovery Institute, in other words.

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