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Every Homosexual in the World is a Predator and Molestor, Says Raving Lunatic

You may have heard that a certain Steven L. Anderson from the Faithful World Baptist Church is of the opinion that gay people should be killed. If you’ve some how managed to miss the ongong carnival of lunacy, just go and Google his name – I’m reasonably certain it’s the first thing that will show up. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

We on the same page? Spectacular. That same pastor has now gone on to say that every gay person in the world is a ‘predator’ – in other words, a rapist and molester of innocent people. I’ll let him do the talking:

Colmes: Everybody who is gay is a predator?

Anderson: Well, if you disagree with that, that’s fine. But every gay person in the Bible was a predator, from Genesis to Revelation.

Colmes: Well, I don’t know about the Bible, but do you believe that every gay person in the world is a predator?

Anderson: That’s what I believe, yes. And every gay person that I’ve ever known personally has been a predator …

Colmes: Define “predator.” What do you mean by “predator”?

Anderson: A predator as in someone who tries to molest other people, to force people into things that they don’t want to do …

Colmes: So, let me get this straight, every homosexual in the world forces other people to do be gay?

Anderson: I believe that every homosexual in the world is a deviant, is evil, and is a predator that is out to recruit others through molestation, through rape. It’s in the news. (Source)

I would dearly love to know what news services Mr. Anderson gets his information from.

Interestingly, this goes far beyond the kind of speech that many on the religious right are claiming will be outlawed if anti-discrimination laws are passed, yet I haven’t seen much of a push to get Anderson in trouble over any of this. Keep in mind he’s also the guy who’s praying for God to kill Obama (or possibly just ‘let Obama die’, I suppose), so he’s a pretty big target.

In other, less depressing news, the Main Family Policy Council recently made complete asses of themselves by incorrectly identifying a law enforcement support bumper sticker as a sign that the car’s owner ‘has had some contact with a sadomasochistic in Georgia‘. Now, to be fair, those colors are actually associated with some S&M groups, but you’d think the MFPC would deign to do a quick Google search before posting something like this. (And for that matter, what were they actually doing taking photographs of the car in question in the first place?)

All of that is stupid enough, but the MFPC went on to apologize for their mistake…by claiming that it’s our fault. Seriously:

Yesterday The RECORD ran a photo of an auto in Augusta which sported two decals, one for the Human Rights Campaign, and one for what we incorrectly stated was the decal of a sadomasochistic organization. It was instead a “Thin Blue Line” decal which honors police.

Given the similarity of the “Thin Blue Line” design to the flag of the sadomasochistic movement, the mistake was understandable. The flag of the sadomasochistic movement and The Thin Blue Line design are shown here, along with the logo of a local sadomasochistic organization “Kindred” which meets in Augusta.

Homosexual activists have themselves noted that the designs are very similar.
Note in particular the use of a state map, and the identical colors black and navy or Prussian blue.

This is an error that anyone could have made, and is understandable in a society which is no longer shamed by perversion, but actually boasts of perversion and publically endorses it as “pride.” The fault lies ultimately with those who seek to normalize deviancy.

We regret, however, if we have unwittingly and unintentionally associated anyone with this despicable movement.

Our error will be quickly pardoned by our friends, but no amount of explanation will satisfy our opponents, who will do their utmost to exploit our mistake.

For that reason, we want our opponents to know that this mistake will not cause us to relent in our efforts to expose the perverse and dangerous aspects of the homosexual lifestyle. Instead, we will redouble and triple our efforts to bring this to the attention of the public, in particular, the killing of a ‘gay’ man in South Portland, allegedly by a vocal advocate of same sex marriage. The victim was a supporter of a museum in Chicago dedicated to sadomasochism.(Source, emphasis mine)

Keep digging that hole, guys. You’re bound to hit rock bottom eventually, and from there…well, I guess you could probably manage to keep going even further. It’s okay, I brought popcorn.

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