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Remvoing Prayer From Schools Leads Directly To Drugs And Shootings!!!

This post’s wildly sensational title is obviously too insane to be believed by anybody whose brain is firing on all cylinders (or maybe even just half of them)…right?

Oh, wait:

A group in Wisconsin is interfering with our lifestyle down here in the Bible Belt. They want the Memphis City Council to discontinue opening its meetings with a prayer. If they knew how much this city needs prayer, they would stop meddling and mind their own business.The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the self-proclaimed “largest freethought association in North America” (12,874 members as of last December), boasts of challenging National Day of Prayer events and faith-based initiatives and successfully overturning their own state’s Good Friday holiday. Their co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor, says that it is “bogus” for our City Council to seek inner strength before making decisions: “The Jesus prayers have to stop,” she said in a TV news interview last week. (Source, via The Friendly Atheist)

Well, that’s pretty understandable. I’m all for separation of chruch and state, but I can see why it pisses some people off. Here’s where things get crazy:

I say shame on believers for staying in their holy huddles and letting this intimidation happen. We have allowed the atheists to dictate where, when, how and if we pray. They got prayer out of public schools and we now reap the consequences, opening the door for more drugs, rape and school shootings. That’s why Memphians need to contact their council members and tell them to stand firm.

This is hilarious. Marilyn Loeffel, the author of this vapid piece of twisted reasoning, seems to be suggesting that atheists ‘got prayer out of public school’ with the actual intention of introducing more drugs, rape and school shootings. We are apparently a group of cackling, moustach-twirling cartoon villains who want to do evil purely for the sake of doing evil. Why would anybody want those things?

Oh, and it’s absurd to suggest that banning state-sponsored prayer leads to increased levels of crime. What, is God deciding to stay his hand during school shootings now that he isn’t getting enough worship?

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