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Peter LaBarbera Is Now a ‘Hero’. Yes, Really.

I shouldn’t need to introduce Peter LaBarbara, so I won’t, mostly because I’ve already had a shower today I don’t want to feel the need to run for another one. Some people seem to like him, is all I’ll say:

So far the referendum effort looks like a marketing campaign for marriage.  Smiling couples appear in virtually every ad, some male and female, some of the same gender. But as we get closer to November 3rd, the ads are sure to become more hard-hitting. The pro-family side will point out how same sex marriage will harm our religious and civil rights, and gays will scream bigotry. But both sides, if they are honest, will admit they are  eager to hide the unpleasant aspects of the homosexual subculture.

Enter Peter LaBarbera, the one figure in the pro-family movement who fits the definition of a hero. LaBarbera is not a man of the cloth, nor a politician. He is a journalist whose mission is to find the truth, without fear or favor. Had LaBarbera chosen another profession, he might have been a policeman walking a beat in a tough neighborhood in Chicago, or a fireman rushing into a high rise to save a screaming child.  Instead, LaBarbera goes undercover to expose the harsh realities of the homosexual rights movement.  LaBarbera’s heroic efforts have been rewarded with fierce opposition from the homosexual rights movement, and  disfavor from many on the Religious Right.

LaBarbera travelled from the Windy City last week to a cozy fireside reception at the League’s main office in Augusta. Ample tea, coffee, and refreshments put everyone in a relaxed and happy mood – but some weren’t prepared for what they were about to hear.

During his talk, LaBarbera told his audience about his undercover activities investigating the homosexual rights movement. What he found at many public gay pride events is not suitable for publication here. Those who need first hand proof of the depravity of the gay rights movement can visit his website, AmericansforTruth.org. There can be no doubt that if the public had the information LaBarbera offers, not only would same sex marriage come to a quick end, sodomy would again be a crime throughout the U.S. (Source, emphasis mine)

LaBarbera’s tactics are as shameful as they are dishonest. Those of you who have been unfortunate enough to visit his website will know that he collects photographs and information from sex parties, S&M clubs and (in particular) the weirder side of gay pride parades in order to demonize gay people everywhere. His ‘reasoning’, if it can be called that, goes something along the lines of ‘I have found gay people who engage in sexual acts which I find disgusting, therefore gay marriage should be outlawed (and more besides)’. Never mind that nothing he shows is illegal, that quite a bit of it would only offend somebody with as fundamentalist a mindset as LaBarbera and his followers, or that I could easily obtain pictures of straight people engaging in the exact same acts and thus ‘prove’ that heterosexuals are depraved; as far as he’s concerned, he has constructed a knock-down argument against all things gay.

The anti-gay contingent who actually want to make ‘sodomy’ illegal is small, but I have no doubt that it would expand rapidly if given half the chance. Kooks like LaBarbera are too dangerous for anybody who values freedom from religiously motivated tyranny to ignore, whether you be gay, straight or neither.

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  1. Bill
    October 1, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Peter LaBarbara would surely burn in hell for all eternity. If there was such a place.

    I can only feel sympathy for his wife and children.

    For one day, his children will open their history books, only to find a picture of their father in that book. Right next to Maggie Gallagher and all the rest of these evil, hateful, money-grubbing thieves.

    These ‘people’ pander to an uneducated audience that is too stupid to see that these ‘people’ aren’t out to ‘save marriage’ at all. They are only out for the idiot’s hard earned $$$. Let’s call it a ‘stupid tax.’

    And surely if there IS a God, Peter LaBarbara and his minions will never ever know it.

    I am actually starting to feel quite sad for Peter LaBarbara and his mob. What sad, empty lives they must lead. And that they feel that a gay American needs to seek THEIR approval & permission to marry the person they love? Well, that is about all you really need to know about a person, now isn’t it?

  2. Vy Tran
    October 2, 2009 at 1:33 am

    Hrm. I’m surprised anyone actually takes that guy seriously.

  3. October 6, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Yeah the guys a jerk. Though he probably makes bank from Traditional Marriage benefactors. Oh and he gets paid to see dudes get frisky! Some people would pay for that.

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